October 8, 2010

Quiet and an order

Hey people!

It's been awfully quiet nowadays. I'm glad I actually get to live my life outside of this computer screen once in a while. A few days ago me and my friends attended this Raya Ria at the female hostel and it's open to all UBDians and it starts at 8pm. So you can imagine how packed it was. We had to sit all the way to the parking lot and can only see the road, trees and of course, sky.

And again, there's ANOTHER Raya celebration yesterday at the Chancellor hall and this one is by far the most awesome for me coz there are all sorts of food available! Japanese food, Indian food, Malay food, Chinese food and also this area where you can get all sorts of delicacies like the heavenly tapak kuda and desserts like Ice cream and the likes! Needless to say, I left the hall feeling happy and content with life.


Of course, you can't really be content unless you buy something. ;) Which is why I ordered the Urban Decay Naked Palette and also Sigma Premium Professional Kit and also the Kabuki F45. Can't wait to get my hands on them!! loves.
Urban Decay's Naked Palette
Sigma's Premium Professional Kit
Sigma's Kabuki F45

All of these I just ordered at theanstore.blogspot.com. You can go check it out if you're interested. What I like about Nisaa's store is that she doesn't require any deposit or any of those bullshit many other blog shops need before they actually order anything for you. Plus, I don't exactly know how to drive (yet.. ugh) so I won't be able to drive all the way to the bank just to deposit the money and stuff.

So... thumbs up for Nisaa's blog shop! ;D Can't wait to get my hands on these products... and also my allowance... which never seems to be out. -___-Oh yeah the slots for the Naked palette are all filled up but she mentioned that if you guys are interested she might order them again. Thank God I'm in on the first batch! :DD
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