October 21, 2010


Hey people!

Would just like to greet 2 of my favourite girls in the world a happy birthday! (One is belated... :PP)

Ain's. Whose birthday I will never ever forget again!! xD We should take more photos together gurl!

And of course, Sharon. Dear sister who people always thought looked cuter and younger than me. Apsssshhe!

And I'm so happy that I'm home right now eventhough it's not the weekend. All started when I got a call from Sharon asking me when's my last class and that my dad will get me asap. That was when I was doing my GBS project... If you don't know, it means Government, Business and Society.

So we had to dress weirdly which violates the folkway or something. Meaning we have to do or wear something that is against our way of life something like that.

So I was chosen by my group to be the one to dress up. And people stared at me like... wtf. At least that's what I felt. And some even walked away when I go near them, like they are afraid of me or something! I must've looked like I was mad!! ='(

And lastly, allowance is now out!! So mad happy! Heheheh Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol 3... I have my eyes on you!!!

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