October 16, 2010

Laying low

Hey people!!

Been having quite a week at UBD. There are tests going on, presentations to prepare, reports to hand in and assignments to do! Latest one being 'violate a folkway' which means we have to do something that violates our behaviour, sex or race. Like how our lecturer says, putting on two different shoes. Example, a boot on one side and a flip flop on another. And we have to do this in public where people can see us and she wants proof.


I noticed something. The Vampire Diaries's episode 6 won't air this week. WTF??!!! That's what I live and breathe for!! #^%*&^$#@$

Ian Somerhalder. *melts*

Interesting fact about him: He's the highest paid cast member in the Vampire Diaries earning USD40,000 / episode. Source here. He totally deserves that, by the way. ;)

Taylor Kinney aka Mason Lockwood.

I don't know what he's doing in the series but I'm skeptical about him. Especially with that last episode where he kisses Katherine. WTF?!? And of course I had to google him 'shirtless'. HAHA!

Okay, let me get back to watching Gossip Girl. Oh, and I can't wait for the Sleek palettes that's on their way to my doorstep from the UK! Thanks Shala!! loves. Here's a sneak peek of it she's given to me. :P

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