January 8, 2011

The start of another semester

Hey guys. Just a short post tonight.

I slept at about 3.30am last night and woke up at 6am this morning. So... that's 2.5hours of sleep right there. I feel like a zombie as I drag my feet across the cold mosaic floor towards my bathroom.

After showering I dragged myself back to my room and got ready and put on some makeup. Yes I can't believe I even had the energy to put on makeup. I didn't realize this but it struck me when I camwhored. Haha sampat...

My eyes mad swollen. And I looked awesomely horrible.

Blame it one the late night skyping with Shala and tweeting with Ain and Jim! :P Okay I did read a really good book too... haha and I did some last minute packing for the hostel at 2am fml

Some of my stuffs.

Let's hope next week's gonna go well for me. I NEED IT TO. Oh, and my new year's resolution to be happy consistently? It can go to hell. Been having a bit of problem with my modules right now. Seriously, what's wrong with the old system prior to GEN NEXT?
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