November 30, 2008

I remembered saying that I’m going to post the before and after pictures of my bedroom. I think it looked much better now =P



Here’s some other pictures that I took…

Me and kaeli at the party

Plaza sutera biru

There are hundreds of photos taken during the party by tons of people in facebook… So I don’t think I need to elaborate any longer. xD

Anyhoos, there’s another Temburong trip meeting next Wednesday. I now officially announce that I regret making this decision. =P haiyah, so many forms to complete, things to buy, errands to run and time to waste. See? Nothing good comes out of it. -_-“ Plus, I bet that the jungle won’t impress me. I practically live in the jungle anyway. Except for the monkeys I think… I’m kinda afraid of monkeys haha… and snakes… and crocodiles… and leeches… and frogs… and big insects… T.T God, give me strength… *breaks down and cry*

I heard that the movie ‘Quarantine’ is very scary =D I always liked zombie movies…hehee wanna watch it la… not to mention Madagascar2 too..

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