December 2, 2008

A day out with hyper girl

I woke up really early today. at 7am when i received a message from a hyper girl asking me to wake up and take a shower. I'm actually got annoyed coz someone actually dare to disturb my much needed beauty sleep after crashing at 3am yesterday.

Anyways, i got ready and she picked me up with her parents. We went to KB foodstall first. Saw a few smsaians... then baru we go kaikai... Then we saw a few basketball players who are commonly sighted at the bbl court. i didn't notice that they were actually very very tall...xD

After that we went to seria with another friend and we went to the arcade. i thought it was small but as it turns out, it wasn't that small. quite big actually. It was kinda silly coz its my first time playing the shooting thingy and all these monsters were attacking. I screamed like hell man. hahaha so ridiculous... even outsiders looked inside T.T we played the basketball thingy too... I got like 56points, hyper girl 94 points and her friend got 160+ points. -_-" i know i suck haha T.T

Then her mum come pick us with.... my long lost friend, xiao ching!!! hohoho... then we went back to hyper girl's home... i left early though xD

By the way, the girl in the yellow shirt is hyper girl =P... bully people one -_-"
And the girl she's hitting, xiao ching ^^

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