December 13, 2008

I'm a survivor! huahahaha... =D

The activites that we did in temburong are... in a word, tough. Now that i'm in my bedroom, safe from all those brutal activites, i took a step backward and observed myself.

i noticed that i've got:
6 bruises on both my arms and legs (blueblack thingy)
4 boils
multiple muscle joints aches
unbalanced skin tone
back pain
skinned finger
a bump on my head (the result of hitting my head on things esp. water faucets and doors -.-'')

on the other hand, we did a lot of activities like swimming, kayaking (or canoeing... dunno which one =D) which roughly takes bout 2hrs, learning how to stay afloat in the river, hiking (which took us about 5hrs before reaching our camp site), camping which sucks much coz we can't bath, no clean water. plus our 'toilet' is a 4-feet hole in the ground T.T Others include the flying fox (it was awesome!) and a 3km morning jog.

Luckily, our group instructor is a really friendly and easy going guy... which makes the whole thing a lot easier for us. and the teacher who was with us is not that freakin' biatch haha... she actually made one of the students cry. See? told you she's mean. Everyone's actually thinking bout pushing her into the sea... haha.. i know. Sweet, right? =D

Overall, i can't say that i regret going coz i made a lot of 'new' friends xD not exactly newlah, but you know what i mean. =) so now, i'm looking forward to swimming later (i hope i could go!), then going bandar tomorrow... (wanna buy the twilight trilogy: eclipse muahahaha =D) and zafy's party on monday. WOHOO~

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