December 18, 2008

Yesterday’s gathering was quite fun actually. The swimming pool’s the best. xD We played so much it got really noisy and the neighbours started complaining. Haha… Anyways, the pics are at Jim’s. Its too bad that many couldn’t make it. Lemme see who goes: Zaf, Me, Fatin, Es, Lely, Ajim, Zu, Pjah, Hasnan, Amin, Syeeda, Syamsi and Farah. Hm… I think that’s about it. =D Although, If I’m not mistaken, Farah’s the only one who didn’t get wet. =.= I finally learnt how to swim too wahahaha… but if I had to swim for more than 10seconds, I’ll drown. -_-“ Not yet pro wa haha… Sigh

Syeeda gave me some spoiler in ‘Breaking Dawn’. I was devastated when she told me what’s gonna happen and I immediately regret reading ‘Twilight’. T.T Mommyyy….. Why is this happening??? I think I’ll just stick to British authors after this. Actually, If Twilight is compared to Harry Potter, I think the plot in Harry Potter is better coz obviously, J.K.Rowling planned for about a decade before actually writing the book. There’s always something interesting happening in every chapter and I can’t say that it’s the same with Twilight. I noticed that ‘the big thing’ always happens at the very end of the book and before that, just records of everyday life with Edward.

But who cares, right? Edward’s a vampire and I bet lotsa people are intrigued with that fact alone. Enough to make them read about Bella’s everyday life as long as it include Edward. Or Jacob, the werewolf. And why the hell am I contradicting myself here??? Sigh… Oh yeah, I like Jacob too. Hehehee… (evil laugh)

Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Jacob
Omygod, he's younger than me! xD

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