December 6, 2008


I was wondering when will the movie 'twilight' start showing the cinemas. Although the shops had already started to sell the dvd, I wanna watch it in the cinema xD isky wa... hee i heard that in some other country, the premiere is on March 2009. -.-''

I just realised that i'm going to temburong next tuesday. and i haven't bought most of the things yet T.T ah well... maybe tomorrow. xD Just don't let me team up with the oh-so-funny teacher and i'll be fine. i really don't know what i'll do if that happens. =.=

plus, the damn teacher told us that we'll be sleeping in the forest on the 2nd day at the last minute during the meeting. wtf man.. didn't even tell us earlier. And we'd be using sleeping bags which had been used by how many hundreds of people. dammit.

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