December 15, 2008

Me, Sharon, Shala and Afung went to Bandar yesterday. I’ve bought ‘Eclipse’ and I’ve just finish reading it a few mins ago. Next target: Breaking dawn…Hohohoho =D Eventhough the movie ‘Twilight’ is already out, we didn’t watch that one…=( Coz I already plan to watch it this Saturday or Sunday with Fatin and Sharon’s friend, Yus. Instead, we watched …..

Yeap. The day the earth stood still. Amazingly, Keanu Reeves still looks hot, eventhough he’s kinda old already. Haha… and he’s impressive with all the powers and super strength. Overall, I’d give it 8/10. And the week before we watched the cartoon ‘Bolt’.

As expected, the cartoon’s entertaining and funny though I gave it a solid 7/10. =D I think Wall.e is one of the sweetest cartoons I’ve ever watched… Anyhoos, I’m so looking forward to ‘Twilight’. Sigh….

By the way, I watched Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward on TRL today. He’s so cute!!!! Incredulously shy too xD wahahahaha I can’t help screaming along with the other fans on TRL…=P the only thing is I’m a few weeks late and I’m in Brunei -_-“ But who cares??!?

Aw.... He's so hot! =D

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