December 22, 2008

Twilight critics

The movie twilight is... amazing. xD thats my 1st impression of it. But once my adrenaline rush slows down after the movie, i noticed that it has, in fact, many flaws. Eventhough it was my 1st time watching the movie, i caught a few NGs by the actors and actresses. Also, i couldn't feel the chemistry between Edward and Bella. The whole movie's just tense and awkward.

However, i think it'd improve in the following sequel, New moon, which is bound to be released in November 09. The guy who stars as Prince Caspian in Narnia is gonna be in New moon. Yay~

I think my grammar today is very broken. -.-''

Anyhoos, eventhough Twilight's premiere is like more than a week ago, they still use cinema no.1 at the mall and its still packed! =D isn't that sweet?? aww... haha... even movies like 'Yes man' by Jim carrey has moved on to smaller cinemas. (Talking crap again, sorry xP)

Hmmm... i don't really have any plans nowadays. i did go to Tutong just now though. And its damn boring. its like going to some kedai runcit. ughh =.= so i'd watch movies everyday and now, astro's my new bestfriend. =D Oyeah, i noticed that chinese movies kinda suck. haha.. esp from Taiwan.. or Malaysia.. or Singapore.. and Hongkong too. Now i'd just stick to western and Korean movies. I think its healthier for me that way. coz i won't choke.. or burst out laughing... (nothing good comes out of it, believe me -.-) or roll my eyes. My sis told me that someday my eyes are gonna malfunction and it won't roll back down coz i roll 'em too much. +.+ Ah well, only time will tell. TOUCHWOOD!! xD haha..

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