November 28, 2008


I just came back from the end-of-year party. its quite fun although its kinda wierd that every game must have at least a boy and a girl. but overall, not bad.

to cut it short, me, kaeli and ame wrapped cavan in a game. kinda like the little red riding hood, except the fact that he can't walk. we didn't win though, this guy who had a sexy paper-made hat and clothes won. and we all danced, a lot.

today might as well be an ordinary day to some people. but i know that certain people might think of today as 'special' lol... and i'm here to say that i'm happy for whoever that is. and just what the hell am i talking about? crap.

sorry ah, i didn't take any photos tonight coz i really wanna enjoy myself. its not like i can post pictures anyway. i know my blog's very boring. sorry!

I guess its time to hit the bed. goodnight peeps.

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