November 24, 2008

Far far away

I finally went for the medical checkup a few days ago and i considered myself quite lucky coz my eyes and ears aren't checked.. unlike some of us... tee hee =P and i didn't get any injection too.. coz i was already given an injection of the 'tetanus immunization' when i was 5. -.-'' i didn't know i was well prepared. huahahaha... xP

I tried for the conch piercing last sunday at kb. i'm sorry to say that it didn't work. coz the pierce gun couldn't reach the area needed for it to be called a conch piercing. sigh... so i did it in a typical area. i think the conch piercing will be my last ear piercing. dont wanna have too much. after that, perhaps i'll hunt for another type of needle to pierce through my skin... tattoo. hohoho... This better be fun! =D

I guess i'll be going to school on wed for the briefing on 'how to stay alive in temburong' by the OBBD. hmm.... maybe i should go early to avoid some chores..xD

Oyeah, i've finished watching supernatural S3 and i can't wait for S4!! i can't believe they let dean.... ehem, spoiler. anyways, i wanna watch S4!! x.X Gossip girl S2 too...

watched bbl tonight... don't remember the team's name but tumasek's coach was playing in the team i support and he's damn funny. xD Both team's quite tough, which makes it an interesting match to watch. i hate it most when both teams sucks. so boring. not that i'm good or what...

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