November 15, 2008

Roger.... why??!

Going bandar tomorrow. i wanna go early though.. around 1.30pm but i have GP class till 1.30pm. which means... i have to escape that class! i know i know, no big deal right? its just GP and its not exactly the most important subject in Alevel. But the embarassing thing is, i've never skipped class before. ever. hell, i skipped lots of important events coz i don't wanna skip class. (snorts) what a loser. -.-'' but hey, i'll do it alright. next time. maybe. T.T

I think i ought to (wow.. ought to... never used that word before haha sakai xD) list down what i'm supposed to bring to the creepiest jungle in brunei. come to think of it, i don't know what i've gotten myself into. stupid! i'll try it here.

1. torchlight, in case i freak out at night.
2. pillows. i don't even know if they'd allow it or not.
3. candies. can't live without em.
4. umbrella. don't know what for, just in case.
5. penknife or cutter. safety in case i got attacked by bears or kidnapped by hunters.
6. snacks, for hungerpangs during the night.
7. matches and candles, for blackouts.
8. true singapore ghost stories, for bedtime stories.

and the rest are history. man... this is gonna be tough, like testing my survival skills. =P

(Tennis talk alert...)
I can't believe Roger Federer lost to Andy Murray! but i can't blame him coz his back hurt and its very torturing to see him torture himself in court. its obvious that Andy had the advantage here. no fair! =.=

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