June 23, 2008


updating my blog seems to be a routine for me now. i update because i think i have to, not because i want to. and that- really sucks. Its like, 1.37am right now and i think there's something wrong with the air-con in my bedroom. its giving off heat. -.- absurd, right? did i just say absurd? gosh, i think i have to lay-off those harrypotter storybooks before i start to babble using proper english. (as if that's a bad thing!)

(5mins later.. after adjusting the control thingy on the air-con..)
feelin much better. some wierdo turned the knob towards 'warmer'. someone hates me. T.T as if i care hahah

you know, a whole week passed by so quietly that i couldn't even remember what i did for the whole 7 days even if it danced naked in front of me. (now where had i heard that before? XP) anyways, went to watch bbl again yesterday. smsa A won and smsa B lost this time. i think. not sure though, wasn't really concentrating on the game coz some stupid mosquito bit my leg and scratching it is the only thing i could think about the whole time i was there. i never knew a mosquito's power until then. never underestimate them... those bloodthirsty creatures! damn euuuu~~

did you know? : i had my first crush when i was 5.

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