June 9, 2008


Mr. Boogie man trying to get into the room

Kaeli praying to the sea? XP lol

2 against 1. haha

this is the only picture of me that i took on that day. hahah

black enough for u? =P

Source: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/08062008/5/photo/spain-s-rafael-nadal-right-receives-pat-stomach-switzerland-s.html

Rafael Nadal, winner on the left receives a pat from Roger Federer

Source: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/080608/59/120i1.html

My tennis hero, Roger federer during the finals yesterday

Got my eco paper 1 back. i barely passed! phew! 16/30. haha... okay i have to admit that i really suck in Eco. difficult subject. and its only been half a year since i enter the school. man...there's more to come. T.T

I didn't fail my GP but i'm still dissapointed with my results. 31.5/50. which is about 63%. ugh.. so low man. I guess its either the teacher's way too strict or i suck. wish me luck with my Eco2. =)

I cant wait for the holidays to some. school is boring nowadays coz i dont have b.stu and eco class. plus the PS, that's like 3 extra hours of free time. would like to try snoring in the library some time soon. haha =D might be exciting aint it? esp since the librarian is like erm.. better not say it here. hahaha xP

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