June 12, 2008

do you know that first impression of a person is made during the first 90 seconds after u met him/her? just a lil something to share.

Dm't really have any plans for the holidays. more movies and hanging out i guess.

i was told that there'd be some kind of a roadshow from UBD coming to our school. i wonder what that's all about. hopefully class would be cancelled. xD wanna do my homework in the library... sigh

btw, i got my eco 2 back. finally... but i got 56% haha XP the lowest i got so far. but no pressure, i can try again next time. hehee thats what our teacher told us. so good, huh? the other teachers would usually put on their dissapointed face and shoot u lotsa questions: hah? y you get so low mark? never study one ah? diela diela, all die already. haha.. know who i'm talking about? =P lol

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