June 13, 2008

holiday stress?

man.. i have so much homework this holiday. i doubt that i'm gonna enjoy it this time. T.T i was actually doing some of my maths homework a few minutes ago. and i got stuck halfway. took me a good 30minutes just trying to solve that one question- but to no avail. and thats like, just 1 question. i've got around 30 more to solve. T.T above all our maths teacher told us she's going on a vacation this holiday- to vietnam. excuse me, how bout us?? no fair! -.-''

speaking of my math teacher, i noticed that she sometimes said these really wierd stuffs. sometimes she'd say that we are like animals or something and we students have this rope tied around us. she would let us free into the open sea but if she didn't take care of us, we'd swim far far away and by then, she won't be able to save us but if she didn't let go of the rope, we'd be mad (meaning we'd complain and stuff). i was like, what the hell... haha then she'd always indicate that we are drowning if we couldn't solve 1 question. like i said : ''diela, diela. all die Already''. yup, that's her. XP i think she got these from chinese idioms and translated it directly into english, which is why it sounded wierd. lol

tomorrow is supposed to be the anti-smoking day in our school. but ive decided not to go. after all, everyday for me is an anti-smoking day. nothing special about it.

wanna wish my niece a happy birthday. =D one year old.. still got a long long way to go. =) may ur future be filled with happiness and love. muahahaha..

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