June 2, 2008


i cant stand it anymore. i hate copycats!!f**k.. there. ive said it. god, its so annoying.

did my last paper today. real tough. i guess that's coz i wasn't ready for that paper. but im glad that its over. now i can sleep peacefully and snore. did i just said that out loud? xD damn.. at least ive got extra holidays starting from tomorrow till friday. yay for me!

watched austin powers yesterday. very funny XP my fav. character is dr.evil. haha.. esp when he puts his pinky bside his lips. okay, whatever. lol recently watched movies/series/shows include : material girls, house, french open 2008 (i support federer. wohoo =D), national museum, raise your voice, superhero movie( u really gotta watch this one! =D ).

sure hope this week wont suck much. sorry for the use of rude remarks.

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