June 8, 2008


got my maths n b.studies paper back yesterday. i got 87% for my maths, which wasn't bad but i was hoping i'd do better. my b.studies got 27/40. the highest that i know of is 29/40. man.. b.studies can be quite tough too. hopefully i didn't fail eco and GP. our GP teacher told us that 11 people failed in our set. freaky. there's no b.studies class for the whole of next week though. yay for me!

today is the day where chinese people (usually) throw this 'guo zhung' into the sea. i forgot what its called. i did planned to go to the beach with my friends, but most of them are still in the middle of their exams. =( its been a while since i last hung out with them.

Wanna thank ain for those cute earrings. ^^ a very sudden gift. hahah.. and lely too, for the pink decor. XD

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