June 5, 2008

time wasting

i just noticed recently that my IC along with my passport has expired. so my dad brought me to the office at kb to renew it. we already sat there for like 15 minutes just to be told that i couldn't renew my IC coz i dyed my hair. WTF... SEKADAR. really bring much trouble to my dad cz he has to send me to seria so that we could do something to my hair.

i decided to dye my hair black. n i mean black black. really black. okay, whatever. i think change is good too. its been years since i have my pure original hair colour.. bout 6yrs. ironically, studying in a government school does have its own advantages. a friend of mine, zaffy did her hair using henna, which was cool coz the black is really black and the colour doesnt fade.

i cut my hair. kinda short for me. i actually planned to cut my hair lyk u know, the japanese style. lyk got stairs. u get me? xD haha hopefully i could get a lil pink highlight soon.

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