June 7, 2008

middle of the night

its 1.43am. ive just finish watching tennis french open. federer and nadal next! wheeee!! xD

went to aerobic class and we did hip-hop aerobics. its pretty cool. the teacher taught us a dance which was won in a competition by her students. they've got this pumping, lying on the floor like fergie in my humps and all. the sexy jazz dance she taught is really seductive. not exactly my type though xD haha.. but it was fun to dance. =D

my friend, kaeli called me yesterday and asked (actually she threatened haha) if i wanted to join this drama competition in chung ching. if im not mistaken, that is. gosh, i hate dramas! they're so fake n lame (only my opinion). above all, we have to speak chinese and eventhough im chinese, i actually suck at it. yeapp.. s.u.c.k. =P so i 'kindly' refused. then she 'kindly' told me that its okay.. and that she'll never bring me to another bball match ever again. talk about friendship. hahaha xP

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