June 8, 2008

roger lost?? NOOO~!!

my hero Roger Federer just lost to Rafael Nadal! Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 and 6-0!! im so hurt. felt like i was just enjoying the sun on the beach when a durian suddenly drop onto my head. yeapps.. hurt like hell. T.T sigh.. hopefully he'll win the wimbledon. muahahaha... wimbledon here i come!!

went to the beach today. wow.. it felt like yesterday after all the tennis action ive watched. haha.. it was okay and kinda quiet too. coz i think everyone went to KB/seria beach. anyways i'll post some pix soon. tomorrow. maybe.

the weather's really harsh nowadays. either the sun's damn scorching or the sky's having a heavy downpour. *gasps* it must be a sign... did i fail my GP?? *scratches head* anyway i sure wish i had doraemon's magic pocket. then i could make everything right. hehehee... (evil laugh)

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