June 16, 2008


I’ve made an important decision. I’m going to let go of my cat, Mourrie. She’s been with us for a year, more or less. And I noticed that she attracted too much unwanted cats whenever she’s in season. Meaning she’s ready to mate. And in the end, I’m always the one who suffer the consequences. For example, making sure that she and her husband, Mr. Boogieman, didn’t get hungry and getting bombed by my dad nearly everyday because of their unhygienic lifestyles. I like mourrie very much but I hate inconvenience even more. So, she’s leaving home today. Hopefully. Haha man, I’m so evil.

Mourrie. Boy, she’s so fat here. Haha

Went to KB earlier. Got my new IC back and its expiry date is in the year 2018. phew… which means that I’ll have to bear with that ugly photo of mine on my IC for 10 years! I’m so doomed. T.T you know, my old IC’s pic is even worst. My friend, Fatin burst our laughing when she saw that photo last year during our o’level English oral. Yes, she actually BURST out laughing. T.T after that, she tried to see it again and I made sure she didn’t. embarrassing. Haha xP

I really wanna post some pics here but I have no pics to show. Obviously I’m not the type who brings her camera to everywhere she goes. But I’ll try. =)

A patch of cloud I saw on the way back from school. I really like the colour of this photo. Nice, huh? =D

Source: deviantart.com

My all-time favourite picture/cartoon/whatever.

Mei mei looked like a Barbie doll here

A model from china. Real pretty.

My sis’s teddybear. Nice to hug xD

This picture is taken by shala of my er..finger. just to try out my hp’s macro.

Kaeli’s dogs. Look at the poor mother! So many to feed. xD

Took this pic for fun at the mall. Saw it in my friend’s closet two weeks later. -_-“

About me: I’m highly allergic to egg yolk, seafood and red meat.

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