June 24, 2008

'Vot just 'appened??

wohh... wimbledon starts!

Roger federer won the 1st round..- as expected from him. muahahaha XD he's so good in tennis! Djokovic's still playing while i'm typing this but his results, so far, kinda dissapoint me. i thought the first round would be a piece of cake for him but as it turns out, he lost in the second round 2-6. too bad for him. =3

not that i care... coz he said some bad stuff bout R.Federer. HMMMPHH!! bad, bad Djokovic! -.-'' i support nadal after federer though... XD

anyways, it feels like the holidays wanna end liao. so fast... i was just getting started! sigh.. oyeah, my dad built this shoe rack for my sis. although its simple, i think its really nice and it even has enough space for me and sharon. wohoo! its about time too, coz my shoes are scattered everywhere behind shala's bedroom door.

did you know? : i'm ANTI-football. please don't bring up that topic if ure talking to me. =P

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