June 15, 2008

smsa won?

went to kg.baru today to watch the bbl match. SMSA A won to PAP HRSB, then CHMS won to AAC. the last match, ie, SMSA B against PJN. erm.. duno who won yet. i left before the match comes to an end. frankly, its not as interesting to watch in comparison with 'above 23' tournament. coz obviously, the players above 23 are more experienced. no offence though.

i know my posts are kinda dull recently. i havent post any pic yet.. hopefully i could post some pics soon.

been singing karaoke with shala this afternoon. man... its exhausting as hell coz we kinda go for the hard ones. like power of love, my heart wilk go on and stuff. having a bit of a sore throat here. haha..=D

oh by the way, happy fathers day.. to daddy. XD sorry i didnt buy u anything...

random info: i own a blue colour toothbrush :)

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