June 19, 2008


i think i'm a tad too interested in this tennis star, roger federer. trust me, you DON'T wanna c me when i'm a fanatic lunatic. urrggh.. gotta snap out of it! gosh.. wake up shely, wake up! dammit...

nothing special happened today. just stayed under the roof nearly for the whole day. oyeah, n i watched 4 movies today. cant stand the boringness. really envied ezzati tough.. china... man, that's like.. wow! haha.. words couldnt describe what i meant to say, you got to just imagine how i'd say it. you know, how my face goes into a twisted position and how i seem to have difficulty in breathing.. -.-''

i did some of my homework. finally.. still have tons left to go.. god, give me strength XP its pure torture. its like having your fingernails dug into your flesh. literally. coz u didn't wanna cut off ur fingernails so it gets long. and your palm would hurt real bad whenever u pick up a pen and write stuff down. u get what i mean?

childhood stuff: i used to be a big fan of pokemon and sailormoon when i was a kid. >.<

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