June 1, 2008



went to Bandar yesterday with my siblings and afung. Watched Indiana jones…muahahaha it was really funny! Especially shia le bouf. God, he’s hilarious. Haha…don’t wanna spoil it for you though. I just don’t like the thing that they are dealing with. Just too un-logic. Sigh… after the movie, we continued on our shopping spree. I kinda felt guilty towards sharon’s bf though, coz he seemed bored, just tailing along and carrying some of the paper bags for us. Lols.. sorry and thank you! =D Spent around $100. I tried not to be a spendthrift and just bought things that I’m 90% sure I’m gonna use. Hee.. Spending money sure is easy. But saving them? Its like hell. Believe me, I’ve been through it. >.<

I went to Bandar-again, today. For my cousin’s wedding. Its not bad. At first I thought we were supposed to sit outside at the camps but then we were told to go in. Okay, I really have no idea how it works. By the way, did I mention that my cousin’s a Muslim? Along with the rest of the family on my father’s side.

Sharon, shala, newlyweds, me, and my lil bro. man, I looked so dark! Sorry its kinda blur. My dad took this pic =D. my cousin is the gall =)

Okay I know this is really random, but look at the poor mashed up loaf of bread! (wtf…haha =D)

This is meimei from wo ai hei se hui. Look at her ears. She pierced the inner part of her ear. I wanted something like that one. =)

I’m having my last paper tomorrow, eco 1. but I haven studied anything yet. Feeling kinda lazy... I’m already in the holiday mood. xD

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