June 29, 2009

Caught up

I think everyone should know by now that the holidays have been extended for another week. Lucky or what?? xDD I personally think it's a good thing. (Duh!) N I also noticed that some people have started wearing masks, which is a good thing too eventhough it's embarassing and unpretty.

There must be some cool-looking health masks for sale right? For example:


Okay I think I overdid it again...-_-

Oh, here's some REAL health masks:


Still far from cool. In fact, it looks kinda ugly to me. Anyways, for the record, I haven't watch transformers2: Revenge of the fallen. I'm so sad I could cry right now if you asked me to, like literally.


Here's the official trailer. I bet you guys had already watched it right? (Scoffs)

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