June 24, 2009

Funniest trip

Finally installed e-speed. I’ve been wanting it since I was a kid. :D Anyways, I feel like I’m the last person in Brunei who installed it. Sad, huh? Lols Here’s the view from my window:

Raining now~ Yay! Hahah… love the rain. Especially when the clouds are like gloomy, it makes me happy. And here’s me looking happy:

Okay I have to admit. The trip to Bandar was kinda fun. There, you happy? LOL Anyways, we went to the turtle centre thingy first, which I still have no idea where. Somewhere in Bandar lah Okay? Stop questioning me!! So yeah it was freaky coz they preserve some of the turtles. Try imagining them preserving some human’s head in a jar, with the eyes open and staring. Yeah, freaky like that. Ugh… then the people there gave us some speech or another and we went downstairs to see… Turtles of course. Duh.

Here are some lousy pictures that I took of the dead turtles.

Sick right??? Belch

Then after that we go to the Mall go mam mam. I feel like so broke that time. Lols… Was having lunch with Fatin and Ain when Sherman suggested a place to have dessert. Snow-ice something. It’s like they make food out of ice. Weird.

Can’t resist to take a picture coz the spoon’s so shiny! Lols xDD

Went to Yayasan next for some sight-seeing in a boat with roofs and a loud engine. Like really loud you have to scream to let people hear you. It reminds me of the trip to Temburong last year. Not very nice. So we were on the boat right, there’s a guy who explains to us everything we saw. Like the monitor lizard, different looking monkeys, plants and crocs. I feel like some tourist. Not that interesting actually coz I get to see those creatures nearly every day. But it wasn’t THAT bad.

Here’s a pic of a rock which Brunei legends say used to be some guy’s ship which sank and turned into a rock. Personally, I still think it’s just a rock. I mean, come on! And the girl is Zaf :D

After that we all scurried into Yayasan, our final stop before going home. Found some food at Jolibee with Fatin, Ain and Syeeda. Snapped some pics again:

Syeeda, me and Fatin

Fatin, me and Ain

The road home was the funniest. xD It made my jaw hurts and my eyes even sipiter. Shit. Hahah… That guy is so over the top.

Oyeah, here are some other pics that I took:

Kaeli's new LG... nice the colour~

Hanging out with Kaeli at her room. Ended up not going to the basketball game coz we were having too much fun surfing the net. Wth… :D

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