June 15, 2009


Couldn't really get any decent sleep nowadays, what with all the events and stuff going on.

Last saturday is when we had our final dance lesson. And after that I went straight to KB for a lil' barbecue gathering coz someone's gonna serve his country with a shaved head. hahah.. wierd way to explain. And I was told that Fatin and Ain went home kinda late that night. Sorry for taking off just like that but I hope my bro entertain u guys enough! :D or I'll whip his sorry ass. hahaha ew....

Then there's Sunday. Woke up at around 9am and we flew to Bandar to support my mum at RTB. She got the 7th place. Congrats mum~ Whoever got 1st is given a B$1500 cheque. Not bad eh?

Then I got hold of a tattoo artist's contact number who's from Seria and was told that a star tattoo would cost me B$60! Its quite expensive but I wanna believe that it's a good one. I mean, IT'D BETTER BE!! lol... nop I'm not doing it. Relax, dude! sigh, my dad's gonna flip if I do it. But it's so fuckin' tempting!

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