October 22, 2012

Shop Laurella

For today's post I will be introducing to you guys a newly launched clothing web store based in Singapore called Shop Laurella!

Shop Laurella

Shop Laurella was launched late last month and they are currently offering an opening sale of 15% off for all members! Don't worry, they ship internationally. :)

I browsed through the website on the day it was launched (Yes, I was kinda excited about it!) and noticed that they have a lot of cute and trendy designs such as the Hi-Low top and the printed floral shorts! Keep in mind that this is only the first collection. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!

Wenying, the owner of Shop Laurella, is kind enough to let me try out a few of their tops!

Estee Knitted Top



This is my favorite! I have never owned any clothing item in mint green before and I love it. The loose sleeves gives off a very cozy yet cute feel to the whole outfit. I actually went to Deseo and iTop in Gadong to see if I can find something similar to this and so far, I haven't found anything like it! 

Holly Watermarked Top



 This is also available in black but I personally prefer the white one just because I own too many black tops! It's nice to wear something light in color every once in a while. I wore the Holly Watermarked top with a belt to bring some definition to my waist but you can also wear it over-sized and off the shoulder for that chic and effortless look!

Harley Chariot Top 

If you knew me you'd know that I have a thing for sleeveless tops like this! The patterns on this top is simply beautiful and I love love love it! I wasn't sure at first if it would fit me nicely but once I put it on I was surprised at how flattering the cutting is! Like how the end of the top doesn't flare out but is instead slightly fit around the hips. It makes me want the same top in every color possible!

Check out Shop Laurella!

Follow Shop Laurella on twitter here!


  1. Lovely tops!!!

  2. I love the tops<3 Especially the 'Harley Chariot Top' it's super cool!

    Have a great week dear!


  3. Cute tops!!



  4. oh so lovely tops!! <3 I would love to follow each other! x




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