September 4, 2011

A good weekend!

Hey people!

Had a pretty awesome weekend! Sharon decided to go up to Bandar coz we were bored at home and wanting to go out and what better way to do it than driving for an hour to get a taste of excapade?? haha Just so we could eat and walk in the mall aimlessly. :P

PISH FACE. Unfortunately it is no longer cute when you do this pose nowadays wtf

Decided to pat on stronger shadows for the day just because.

In the end we watched Smurf 3D!

The Smurfs 3D

This was alright for me. If it wasn't for Neil Patrick Harris I don't think I would've enjoyed it as much haha I didn't realise Gloria from Modern Family was in it too! So that's nice. The villain reminds me of the Robinson's family's villain. Same brainless style. =/

On the way home Dad called to say I was to represent Mom to go to one of my relative's wedding dinner. I don't mind of course. ;p It was held at the Grand hall or something at the Empire's. I also noticed that there were two other wedding dinners being held that night. Awesome.

When God gives you time, you camwhore. :D

Pretty crowded!

Bride and Groom's slideshow

I was the only one at the table busy taking pictures wtf

The menuz.

According to the menu, Deep fried prawn with Wasabi Sauce!

The first dish. Had to take the shot quickly coz people are getting hungry lol

Smoked soya chicken with Chinese tea leaf

Dad and meeee

Only the stage was lit at this point...

So I had to use flash to take this shot wtf -____-

Groom was singing and everyone were given glow-sticks. Like a total concert I tell you! :DD

Mom's friend Jessie lookin sexy! See what I did there... ;)

Complimentary gift. Tastes as good as it looks! Noms
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