September 11, 2011

Full face makeup in 20 mins!

Hey guys!

Me and Jessie joined the Beauty and Health workshop this coming friday and we also signed up for the makeup competition! I know! I'm going mad!! :P It's organized by the Aerobics club and the Face shop will give talks about makeup, free samples, demonstration and quizzes! The health promotion centre will also present a health talk. duh.

Anyways, for those who join the competition, they will be given 20 minutes' time to do their makeup from scratch. Isn't that exciting. I've watched youtube videos showing people doing their makeup in 5 minutes and they're so fun to watch! Now it's my turn and I have 20 minutes which is actually a lot compared to the youtube ones but YEEHAW!! lol okay.

This morning I timed myself putting on makeup. 20 minutes. This is what I got.

Had to crop the picture cos Sharon was sitting on my bed reading this month's Cleo and she'll literally kill me if she's in the shot.

On my face:
Laneige's primer in Sebum Control
Revlon PhotoReady in Golden Beige
Skin79's Hot Pink compact powder
Maybelline's mineral blush in Gentle Pink

On my eyes:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Buck and Half Baked from UD Naked Palette
Browns from my Inglot Palette
A rusty brown from Elianto
Skin79's liquid pen liner

On my lips:
EOS lip balm
Stage's lipstick in Midsummer Mauve

Also managed to put on false eyelashes! Haha Really messy but ahh soo fun wtf

My 'fake' surprised look

I can haz dimples too.

The aftermath. So worth it. lol

My tom yam fish slices. haha

Butter cream squid.

By the way, the food in Neptune seafood restaurant in Jerudong is really nice! One of the waitresses however, not so nice. -_____-
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