September 27, 2011

What's in my bag?

Hey people!

Figured I should type up a post since I'm nice and productive today (not really) and this is my way of giving myself a treat, much like how you give a kid ice cream when she's obedient. ehem ehem... haha but seriously, that's how much I sort of enjoyed blogging! This particular post is actually my 402th! Whoop whoop!! #patsownback

By the way, I am thinking of hosting a giveaway some time soon so watch out for that! :D And even though the prizes might seem boring to you, just join! Support support yi sia. After all it's gonna be my first! And hopefully not last hee... :D

I've been tagged by the super sweet Jasmine to do a What's in my bag post some few weeks ago maybe? A tiny warning from me, I don't have anything interesting in my bag but I know I love watching this sort of videos on youtube (because I kepo) so just be happy that you get to take a peek in the mighty Shely's bag wtf

Summit bag which I bought back in February

I hardly change my bags routinely. Normally I'd use one till it looks like it's gonna fall apart before I go get another one but so far this one is holding up pretty good! I like that it's big too! The two zipper pockets in the front is super useful. Love it.

My keys.

My fake Gucci aviators which costs RM9.90. I got them in KK last Dec, after I accidentally dropped my old ones in a toilet bowl fml

Food coupons for survival at the hostel

Tissues dry and wet. You never know which ones you need lol Also because I don't use hand sanitizers often because the alcohol in most of them stings my hand. Yes I have sensitive skin ugh

Assorted hair ties! lol

Wella's Dry Shampoo and Johnson's baby powder. Dry shampoo because sometimes my hair gets oily pretty quickly so in case I need to take a photo or whatnot I can still save it from being oily-looking in pictures! Very important ok!! :p

Another trick I learned from Kenny and Azizy is to use Johnson's baby powder on your face if it gets oily/unfresh throughout the day. Seriously though, this thing works like magic! It's so cheap and convenient to carry around! Plus it makes your skin super smooth like a baby's ass! Who wouldn't want their skin to feel like a baby's ass??! huh?!


Tiny bottled perfume, Nivea Strawberry lip balm and a pendrive. Essentials, essentials. ;)

Finally, my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320! I'm using that to take this shot so obvi the case is empty lol But if you know me, you'll know that I carry this around with me everywhere I go! Hence the many food shots... :p

The two other things that weren't shown here are my purse and umbrella. See how awesome the bag is? It fits everything I need perfectly!

Okay I'm tagging Frieda and Sophia! Hm.. both of them younger than me :'( And Sharon too!
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