October 4, 2011

My Skin79 purchases!

Hey guys!

I've been gone for about a week now. If you didn't know my sis Shala just came back from her studies overseas so I took time off to spend some quality time with the family. Eseh. Not really, just been busy doing God knows what. Ugh. Today I'll be sharing with you guys my shopping experience at Skin79, Gadong when I won Face of the Week back in August! I don't remember which week was it that I won but I know it made me super happy!!

Jessie and me.

The stuff that I got!

Skin79's Sun Protect Beblesh Pact

This powder is probably my favourite purchase along with the Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream! I've already done a review on the BB Cream here so you can go check it out if you're interested. :) The texture of this powder is definitely smooth and creamy-ish and has medium coverage. Also worth checking out! :D

Skin79's Simple Touch Eyeliner

The Skin79's eyeliner is super thin and fine!! It's not as dark as I'd like it to be but the good thing about this eyeliner is that it's buildable. All you have to do is go over the eyeliner twice or thrice if you want to get an ultra dark line. I'd choose it over the Revlon's liquid eye pen any day of the year! :p And because of the really fine tip it's pretty easy to wing out your eyeliner with just a flick of your wrist. I is recommend!

Skin79's Crystal peeling gel

Personally I preferred using scrubs to exfoliate my skin but I opted for this instead of their Sweet honey sugar scrub just because I already had 2 jar of scrubs back home from The Body Shop (which I love!). There's nothing really remarkable about this product; it works okay. Maybe next time I could try out their Sweet honey sugar scrub instead!

Skin79's Mini lip gloss

I had a few dollars left before hitting the BND$100 voucher so the sales lady recommend I get this one. Doesn't it reminds you of Anna Sui's Mini Rouge?? :D

Anna Sui's Mini Rouge

Skin79's Mini Prestige BB Cream

This final item I got for free coz the total amount exceeded BND$100 by a few dollars! Overall I really enjoyed my time exploring the Skin79 store in The Mall, Gadong. The sales lady is super sweet and knowledgeable about all the items there she's like a human Skin79 encyclopedia! ;D I can't thank Skin79 enough for choosing me as one of the winners for Face of the Week. There are a LOT of super pretty girls who won and now they are competing for Face of the Month as well as Face of the Year!

If you're reading this from Brunei and have tried Skin79's products you should totally join the competition! Who knows you might even get to become Skin79's BB Ambassador and win BND$1000 in Cash as well as a year's supply of Skin79's products! Good luck ;)
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  1. i really want to try skin 79! *jealous*

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  2. can you do a review on their powder?
    I am unsure if my MAC one is a match..

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  3. How does it costs bb cream at the mall?

  4. @UK Digital Printers: MAC studio fix I believe has a higher coverage than skin79's. :)

    @Anonymous: It's around roughly BND$40 I believe. :))



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