October 29, 2011

Lush and Soap & Glory

Hey guys!

It's almost the end of the semester now and I'm still juggling between assignments, presentations and sleep!! Haha That's really all there is to my life now. I can't wait to end this semester!

Here are a couple of the things my sis got when she came back about a month ago. Asked her to get me some lush when she comes back last year before she left. And she remembered! hahah I've been keeping these pictures in a folder made especially for my blog posts and it's been sitting there forever. I've totally forgotten about them :p What I normally do is take shots of stuff and put them in a folder and only use them when I feel like blogging.

So here goes.

One thing I have to say... Lush is not cheap! :( The Soap & Glory body butter smells so goooooood. Even better than some of my Body Shop's body butter! haha funny story by the way. My sis Sharon bought my mom a set of goodies from the Body Shop which includes their shower gel, a loofah, body butter and the likes. My mom thought the body butter was a hair conditioner and used it on her hair! she didn't realize this until she asked Sharon what's wrong with it coz it doesn't seem to do anything for her hair. By then, the whole tub was almost used up! Story of her life! lol

Ice & a Slice

Bohemian Soap

Sandstone. I think this one smells the best among the three!
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