October 9, 2011

My latest love.

Hey guys.

Just a short one tonight. I have been a busy bee all week long! There are so much to do this month and even though it's only the beginning of October, I can't wait for it to end. That's how bad it is. However I always try to be productive on selected days hence this blog post! It unnerves me to know that my blog is just sitting here stagnant. So, here's to a short but sweet blog post! Cheers.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III & Alice in Wonderland Palette

So cute!

This palette is sold to me by the sweetest Izzy I have ever met! (She's also the only Izzy I know lol) Thank you babe!!

New York City. The place I wanna be.

One word. Gorgeous.

I've been testing out the colors and some have glitters in them which is annoying to me but they are still so pretty! I never know which shadow I wanna use coz every time I saw these two palettes I feel like trying out ALL the shadows at once! The best things that came along with the palette are the eyeliners! Gahhh they are to die for.

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  1. That version and the Naked Palette are my faves by far from UD :)

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  2. Yes. Mine too! The naked palette is GENIUS!!



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