September 2, 2011

My Inglot palette!

Hey people!

It's not even late in the night but I'm already trying to keep myself awake. Thus this is gonna be a short but sweet *ehem* post. I've just received this palette last week from a very awesome person (Izzy) who kindly took it back to Brunei with her. Met her for the first time at the female hostel! I have only facetimed with her through my sister when they're in the UK but upon seeing her in real life I realised just how pretty she really is! :DD

This is a late birthday present from Shala which is 3 months ago now. I don't mind at all. :P

Really like the clean black box!

Back of the palette

Inglot is a Poland brand and is said to be really affordable in comparison to MAC eyeshadows and is so much more worth the money because the shadows are extremely pigmented and they blend easily and works really well!

This particular palette is from their freedom system where they have tons of different size palettes and stuff and you can pick which eyeshadows you wanna put in your palette and trust me they have hundreds of colors to choose from!! I picked the colors myself through their website and had a really hard time because all of them are so pretty!

The palette has a nice heavy weight to it too! I mean, the covers are made of glass so... of course it's kinda heavy haha but they close quite sturdily with the strong magnets at the edges. The feel of the palette is really nice and I'd say it's a pretty big 10-color palette!

The top middle purple is actually a pink. I don't know why it turns out looking purplish? =/

I tried out a couple of the colors here and they are so gorgeous! If only Brunei has an Inglot store it would be perfect! This palette costs Shala GBP35. Which is about BND70. I know that KL, M'sia has an Inglot store too and I asked how much they're selling for this particular palette. Guess what? BND132. A difference of BND60?!?!? SERIOUSLY?

I'm not impressed.

I've been dying to try out creating false looking creases using eyeshadows. Not really succeeding but ahh maybe next time hehee

Me and Sharon
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