September 15, 2011

ELF goodies!

Hey people!

Just gonna do a quick post tonight. The makeup competition's tomorrow and I'm now starting to freak out. What if I'm only able to do one eye before the time rings? What if I haven't use my lipstick? What if I've somehow forgotten what an eyeliner is for?? gahhh

I received a package from the US a few weeks ago. My ELF stuff has finally arrived. I ordered the ELF HD powder earlier this year and only now does it arrive. Lucky for me the seller felt really bad for forgetting she threw in a couple of freebies!! So happy when I got the package only after a week after it's dispatched!! loves.


Three extra goodies. :D

ELF High Definition Powder

This is soooo... omg. So fine!! It's really smooth on your skin when you put it on. I'm not sure how long it lasts though, haven't really tested the longevity. But you'd have to be really careful with this coz it'll literally fly everywhere coz its so fine! Even better, I got this for only BND12 compared to the BND33.90 where you can buy at Paloma, the Mall! Superrr crazy the markup. -____- hmphh

The duo fiber brush

The bristles on this brush is less dense than Sigma's but that I understand. :D The other two items I think I'll give them away heee
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