September 17, 2011

Makeup competition with Jessie!

Hey guys!

So I attended the Health and Beauty workshop organized by UBD's aerobic club this friday and if you didn't know I joined the makeup competition they organized. I didn't win but I had a ton of fun! The competition was really nerve wrecking my hands were shaking when it started lol
But it was an awesome adrenaline rush I wish I can feel it again wtf

Anyways most of the shots are taken by none other than one of the sweetest blogger ever, Jesmine! Thank you thank you :DD Go check her blog out! (After reading this post of course) lol :p

Free membership sign up!

Some of the stuff they are selling

Boys over flowers guy

Makeup demo by The Face Shop!

Jessie and me before the competition starts

My stuffs

J's stuff

One of the contestants. She got first place!

The prizes!

The little ones are SilkyGirl mascara and lipstick which I'm giving away soon.. :p

Me with the president of the Aerobics club!

While waiting for results. Okay I have to admit it looks like I didn't put anything on at all. -__-

Show casting our shadows lol

Group shot with the other contestants. All of them are super good in makeup!!! Before the competition I told my friends: "No win nevermindlah, as long as can beat Jessie..." She won third place LOL
Guess I still have a lot to learn huh? ;)

I look so blur fml

Okay that's all!! Haha it's pretty fun! Coz I never joined anything like this in my life. I have a feeling if Lenah joined this for sure she will win one lol
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