May 10, 2012

Membership cards and FOTD

Went to bandar a couple of days ago to run a few errands for my siblings and I finally got the chance to collect my stuff from The Mall! It's my birthday month and as usual The Body Shop and The Face Shop sent me a text asking me to collect coupons and stuff. They are pretty smart to give away coupons coz they know people will take advantage of the 'discount' and buy from them when in truth, we have to spend money anyways! So it's not really a gift lol

TFS is generous enough to give away two gel mask sheets. Nonetheless I think I'm gonna redeem TBS's coupons coz I guess I use their stuff more often. Just gotta think of what to buy. I saw that they have a new summer fragrance out though... We'll see!

Oh yeah I collected my Missha VIP member card too. I got it for free when they announced on facebook that anyone can sign up for it. Otherwise, you'd have to spend at least B$200 to get it. Yikes. Plus the VIP card comes with an expiration date, which is a year later so I'm lucky to get it for free! lol

Here's my FOTD.


Decided to use blue that day just for fun. I did put a white base underneath to make the colors show up better. It wouldn't work as well if I put the shadow on my skin without a base. I don't know why but I feel so conscious of using this bright blue on my eyes! I think it's because I'm wearing a blue shirt too which makes it look kinda matchy-matchy but whatever! There are more important things in life than worrying about my eyeshadow matching my shirt. haha!

Wearing Strawberry Shortcake lip butter on my lips!

One of the things that annoys me: The camera focusing on the background instead of on my face!


  1. u got more free items for the birthday gifts from TFS.. if i remembered correctly, i only got one mask and 2 vouchers.. =.= it was last month btw..

  2. Love the look! The eyeshadow is very pretty and the lips go well!

  3. @Pinkie really?? Mine was given to me in a plastic package. Maybe they have extras haha

    @IridescentColors Thank you! :)



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