May 22, 2012

Essence Silky touch blush

I am very much into blushers but I think it's kinda hard for me to find ones that I really like here locally. Many of the korean branded ones are too powdery for my liking and many are super light it just doesn't work with my skin tone. which is kinda sad because I wanted to like them so bad lol Every time I walk into a korean beauty store here I always thought to myself Okay, I will just swatch the blushers one more time. Who knows it might actually work this time. Well... it kinda never does.

I bought these two blushers a while back from Paloma.

Essence Silky touch blush in Adorable and Natural Beauty

Essence Silky touch blush in Adorable

Essence Silky touch blush in Natural Beauty

These are super cheap as well, just like all of the other Essence products. The pigmentation of these are decent, not as good as I'd hoped for but I guess I get what I paid for lol Good thing is with these you can layer them on if you want a stronger pay off. They are also not as powdery as the korean branded ones. 

I don't know about the other blushers but these two that I bought have a slight shimmer to them. However they are so subtle it's hardly noticeable so it doesn't really bother me at all. From the swatches below they even came out looking pretty matte!


If you are looking for affordable blushers I'd recommend you to try this out. May not be the best ones you can find out there but it definitely gives you plenty of bang for the buck!


  1. good review~ i haven't plucked a courage to buy their powder blush, though I did buy their cream blush recently :D

  2. @ImahAziz I didnt know they have cream blushers! didn't really notice, will def check em out!

  3. Nice review- I have no idea where to purchase this brand and I keep seeing it blogs- I want to try it out!

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  5. I love your blog!
    Recently I bought some lovely Essence blushers.
    They're very purse-friendly and colors are pretty good :)

  6. @IridescentColors yeah they are really affordable for the quality!

    @BlusherObsessed Thank you! yeah definitely easy to carry around :D



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