May 4, 2012

I'm back!

Finally, I can blog again! My last paper was yesterday and personally I think it was the toughest just because I have a paper to sit for every day from Monday to Thursday straight! So by Thurs my brain is already overheating and not really functioning properly but I'm glad I pulled through without any massive headache lol (The headache happened last night and I'm still having it now wtf)

I'm so excited for this 3-months long holiday! But I haven't really planned what I'm gonna do yet so now I'm just happily enjoying my morning with a cup of tea beside me. :) Oh and I bought a couple of books before the exam and now I can finally read them!!

Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Yes, Pandemonium is still wrapped in plastic I can't bring myself to open them! This is an interesting one Ain recommended me and even Elle from Allthatglitters21 talked about this book. It's about this girl who live in a world where love is a disease and people have to go through this thing so that they can be cured of it. Interesting huh? 

Mom bought me another book when she went down to miri a few weeks ago, it was one of The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. The fourth installment, to be exact. lol So random! Luckily Sharon has the first book and I'm still currently reading that one. If it's good I'm gonna get the second and third installment. If it's not, then I'll probably download the pdf files and read from there! :p Personally I'd always go for the actual book than the e-book. Holding a book and reading them makes me feel smart wtf

Really need to get a bookshelf. Funnily enough, I only started buying books when I entered UBD. Before that I can never bring myself to buy a book because of opportunity cost lol Now I sometimes find myself choosing a good book over makeup. Makeup is fine, but I'm just trying to use more of the stuff that I have right now. Because I currently have 9 different sorts of foundation and BB Creams but only 1 face. 

But I'm so very the curious about Skin79's Snail Nutrition BB Cream and Missha's. Ugh.

Anyway, here's a random FOTD! Taken when I went to watch Battleship with the siblings. Battleship is awesome!!



  1. i was thinking what eyeliner brand did you used in this picture? it was nice. :)

  2. It's Revlon Colorstay's liquid liner! :)



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