May 15, 2010

Time out


I miss blogging. I haven't been around to do it lately as I have no idea what to write.

I did watch Iron Man 2 though, with my dad. On Mother's day. Sorry mum, but you know I love you right? :D That's all that matters.


Robert Downey Jr. is super cute. I love his beautiful eyes I can stare into them all day long. hahahaaha

Whatcha lookin' at punk??

I'm actually waiting for the premiere of Prince of Persia & the new Shrek forever after or something like that.

Yeah, that about sums up everything I have to say.

Oh. Ain came over today and we had another awesome karaoke session. This girl can scream rupanya, I just knew that. Heehee :D I miss spending time with my friends all day long and just chill. Life sure is good when we're young and free and innocent eh? Now I can only see my friends on weekend & my bosses at work on every other days. =/

Time's up. I need to spend more time away from the PC.
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