May 2, 2010

Ip Man 2

Yes, I can't believe it either. I watched a cantonese movie! Hahaa =P The last time I watched a cantonese movie is about... more than 2 years ago I think. I have no idea why I'm not watching them. I think I should, just cause I'm a Chinese. Haha but the thing is, I guess their storyline is not as good as the western ones? Who knows.


Anyways, I watched Ip Man 2 at the mall today with my dad. Today is like father-daughter bonding time for us. HAHA We actually planned to find Shala but bla bla bla, ended up not seeing her. Again. This movie is pretty good I must say. I'm impressed! :D The only thing I find weird is that Ip Man only seems to have 2 facial expression. The poker face and the awkward smiling face.

Apparently Ip Man is a serious man, as told by my dad. Only till the end did I realise that Ip Man really existed and that he is Bruce Lee's Kung Fu master! Haha awesome~! Eventhough this movie is pretty serious, it does have it's funny moments.

Oh and one more thing, the cinema is PACKED when this show runs. Packed as in a full house, up till the First freakin' row where you have to STRAIN your neck to look up at the screen. Me and my dad was at the fourth row closest to the screen. -___-" Also, everyone is so indulged in the movie that there are people screaming "FUCK YOU!" and "ASSHOLE!!" whenever this character in the movie says something. And they were clapping and stuff hahaaa weird!!

Just watch it to know what I mean. ;)

Woooooyahh! Watchaaaa!!

Moving on... heheee I went to the Freme Travel Fair at Sheraton Utama Hotel yesterday! It was also the first time I've ever been to any travel fair sadly :P But still, quite an experience coz I get to meet a lot of people! Not bad, not bad heehee :D

Picture stolen from Yan Zi. Hope you won't mind. ;) Betcha can't spot me! HAHAHA

Oh oh!! I got my NYX jumbo eye pencils!

They're awesome! So creamy and it goes on super smoothly. Love itttt

Here are the swatches:

So blur. wtf. But you get the picture :D

Another thing I got is the Mega Glo from Wet n wild. I have yet to try 'em out!

This one costs me BND16. Go buy it for USD 3.99 in the states.

I watched Avatar too just now. Bought the DVD back from Bandar and yes, I just watched it. So what?!? It's so good it made me cry. More than once. Shit.

Is there an Avatar 2? Hehehe
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