May 28, 2010

Circle lens

Hey all. I don't know what to say about the pictures that you're gonna see in this post. Yes, it's all me but for a very good reason! I'm here tonight.. to convince you guys to buy some circle lens from


No biggie. I've been buying lens there for quite a while and I gotta say, Katy's an awesome seller. You don't need to pay any cash before hand, only when you receive the goods. I think you have to meet her somewhere or something and then you pay. No deposits or whatever shit that people like to use nowadays.

The geo circles lens aren't bad at all. But what I'm loving right now, which Katy specially delivered to me earlier is the Barbie lens which is 15.8mm wide instead of the usual 14.0mm! Awesome~! What's more.... it's PINK!

The animal casing for free. :)

Finally!! I've been eyeing this one for quite a while now hehe

I decided to try on some of my other lens. For Fun. :P

Naked eyes.

With the Nudy pink by barbie lens. Make my eyes look super big!! love it.

Geo lens' Angel green

Why my eyes look so lazy aa? I'm actually really tired right now and I wanna watch vampire diaries!!!! =P

Moving on...

Geo lens' Nudy Blue. One of my faves too.

I don't know if this will work but Katy told me that whoever's reading this now will get 5% discount if they go ahead and decided to buy themselves a pair of lens. But you gotta say my name. Like "Hey I wanna buy all your lens (eseh...) Shely brought me here." Then kaching!! 5% off for you!! HAHA

Weird but fun I guess? :P

Here's how much it'll cost if you buy a pair, after saying my name. (Weird :P) :

1-tone series: $23 -- $21.85

2-tone series: $25 -- $23.75

3-tone series: $25 -- $23.75

Barbie lens: $35 -- $33.25

Dueba dreamy series: $30 -- $28.5

Hey what's with the cents??? Haha but you get the point. And OBVIOUSLY, the more you buy, the cheaper each pair of lens will cost you. =)

Go get yours now.

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