May 23, 2010

Rojak post

Hey people... It's been a while. Haha.. Let me just update this tiny lil thing first. The latest movies that I've watched recently are

I can't believe how good Robinhood is! I think it's coz I read this news about him getting all mad about people questioning his accent in the movie. Gives a strong impression on me, you know and I've also heard some people saying the movie's boring and stuff but they were dead wrong. It's awesome. The story is pretty good! That's saying a lot, coming from me. =)

I think.

And Shrek, is as good as ever. Teehee... Puss is back and he's still so cutttee!! I love him to bits and pieces. =3


Oh, I also got this book today at Bandar. This is one book I will never regret buying.

Yesss, sign language! I've been so interested in sign language ever since I met Anum. I miss her! She taught me a lil bit of sign language (which I kinda forgotten) and it's awesome! I haven't seen her since we finished form 5 so... it has been quite a while since the last time I actually signed anything. I wanna pick it up again but there's no one to sign it with! =/

But I'll learn anyways. For fun heehee

From here on, it's pretty much like a haul blogpost.

Look what Shala got from KK =)

So cute!! But I kinda wish it was bigger and run on electricity instead of batteries. But still, a cute item to own!

And also, I mentioned a while back that I won Laneige beauty quiz at vancetan.com and this is what they gave me... not all of them, the rest are from the trial pack also given by Laneige. Like a test, we have to go back there a week later to see if there's any changes or something.

All these FOC. How awesome is Laneige??

My mum got me this! Its fake lower lashes! And costs about RM22. Crazy or what?? I haven't tried it yet.. wonder how it looks like haha probably make my eyes look big. And fake. But I like it anyhoos. :D

I bought this from the Face shop. Honestly, I didn't know they sell these kinda hair products. And gosh, they smell sooooo gooood!! I can just sit there in the corner smelling this stuff the whole day! Awesome right =D

My first MAC products! Total is RM120. F*cking crazy prices.

What I have been loving recently is Revlon's lip tint.

I don't think they are lipsticks. Just lip tints. Whats the effing difference?? Haha these are more sheer and sooo moisturising I loveee em! That's all I can say really. You gotta try this one out.

Ain and Ajim came over yesterday and it was... funny. Haha it's like pre-U P.S. time all over again coz I remember we three have the same P.S. period. It's fun hanging out with them again, oh how I miss P.S.! I have no idea how but we ended up talking about bushy armpits and stupid things hahaha

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