June 4, 2010

Hot people rock.

Seriously, why does it take so much for me to update a teeny tiny blog post??

Well for one, I'm really kinda tired and lazy nowadays. Blogging takes up time and I'd rather watch like, Supernatural or something... Now that I've finished watching vampire diaries.


I like Ian Somerhalder in this series. He's the good bad guy, if you know what I mean. ;D Haiyah very difficult to explain it here, if you haven't watch this series. Go watch it now!! Or better yet, finish reading this post then go. =D

Why, why oh why does Shely like me so much?

Ian Somerhalder = perfect vampire. Oh well, at least better than Edward. Just my opinion, don't go hatin' on me! :P

Oh and I watched Prince of Persia too! Maggie Gyllenhaal might not be the prettiest actress around, but lil' Jake sure looks hot!

Maggie Gyllenhaal. Who says she's ugly?? Well, whoever said that has certainly never met me before. Haha :P


Jack Gyllenhaal's character might be gay in Brokeback mountain, but his character in this movie is far from gay. Haha At first I was kinda skeptical coz I saw him and was like: Dude, look at this! Isn't this the gay from Brokeback mountain??! *pointing at the huge-ass movie poster* And then I gave up all hope of this movie being good coz the gay scenes in brokeback mountain was tattooed in my brain. Or soldered. Whichever way you like it. And that makes me think that no matter how tough he acts here, he's never gonna be manly anymore... eseh HAHA


Anyhoos, this movie KICKS MORE ASS than KickAss! Its good! And I'm impressed and guilty haha :P of even having the feeling that it might not be good. Though it has a good ending, I personally am not really satisfied coz... okay fine, I won't spoil it for you. Go watch it already!!


And guess what I found when I typed 'Jack Gyllenhaal' in the google search engine..

Something is not right here... hm...

LOL. Well, besides that, Shala got me a night lamp! Haha change topic tarus

It's so cute and it's touch.. er.. touch. Like u tap the metal part below gently to change the setting of the light, how strong you want it to be and this only costs BND21.90! Cheap right? Hahaa mad happy when I got this :D

Okay, I'm really tired now. Off to bed..

I really gotta stop posing like this in pictures. God, I'm freakin 19!!
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