June 8, 2010

Mini haul

Hey girlies!

I'm pretty satisfied right now. Haha I bet many of you guys have heard about the Face Shop's 25% off everything. So I got myself a few things and also a few from the Body Shop. Loves~~

My little haul.

My God, I just realised that the Body Shop's lipsticks are so expensive! One for I dunno, BND20+! But I like the pink. Though the formula is a lil' bit on the dry side. I noticed that with their lipsticks. They tend to be dry and getting it on the lips is like a challenge coz they're so dry! So, better use lip gloss after. =/

But dry does mean it'll stay on longer... I think. I don't even know. Anyhoos, I got the makeup bag for about BND13+ coz they're having a 30% sale on makeup bags that day. Originally I think it costs about BND20 roughly. Don't quote me on that. Pretty good deal, since I think I'll be moving away soon... *bawls*

That tiny bottle is a free bottle of shampoo from the body shop and they smell so good! I haven't used it yet though... and of course, a mini version of their body butter. hee... for BND8.90.

As you can see I didn't get much from the Face Shop. Seriously dunno what to buy coz I'm not really a fan of their makeup.

And I finally bought the body shop's angled brush. Awesome!!

I've been using the Sigma SS266 (left) all this while and it took me forever to fill in my brows. It's so tiny and flimsy !! The body shop's (right) is better coz it'll only take a second and it's bristles are hard but soft enough. Eeeek i love love love it.

I also bought this recently:

NYX's round lipsticks. These four costs me BND28. If possible, I'd rather use ebay and buy from Joy's cosmetics coz you can get 6 of these NYX round lipsticks for BND21 including shipping and handling.

If you'd like to purchase them in Brunei, go here.

Here are the swatches:

They're very creamy and glides on pretty easily. So far I've only used Mars. Looking forward to Narcissus though :)

Oh and I got a free palette today! haha not exactly but Shala decided that she doesn't like her palette and gave it to me. Thanks aa :D


By looking at it, the eyeshadow on the far right is the prettiest. It's this dark purple with a hint of blue glitters in it. I think this costs more than BND10 if I'm not mistaken.

Here are the swatches:

I know this is taken with flash but look at the pigmentation of these shadows. Especially the darkest one, what a disappointment. -___-" The lighter shades are much better. But still, it's free for me so of course it's awesome. HAHA

I guess that's about it. lol oh one more:

My mum on a panda bear. Haha I honestly think this photo is kinda cute. I feel like I will never ride on a toy like this one. :P I guess every grown-up has a little child inside of them just dying to come out? LOL I hope so ;D And look at the people behind her, nobody cares so I guess it's pretty normal. haha

Until next time bitches ;)
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